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How do I obtain the FWAB?

The Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB) is easily available through Overseas Vote Foundation or any OVF partner website.  You are eligible to use it if you are a registered overseas or military voter or if your state accepts it as a simultaneous registration and ballot.  If you have a Voter Account, login and choose to print the FWAB. Or, If you do not have a Voter Account, please click the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot option on the left menu sidebar or the main screen panel. 

Our FWAB is a Vote-Print-Mail Ballot System. It presents you with federal level candidate lists associated with your election jurisdiction. Just point, click and choose your candidate,or choose to leave the selection blank for you to write-in your candidate or party choice.

The system will guide you through an automated series of questions to produce the FWAB Voter's Declaration/Affirmation cover page. If you have a Voter Account, you will have the opportunity to confirm your information, and to enter your ID and birthdate.

At the end of the FWAB data entry process, you must download your form, print, sign and mail it to the address provided in the instruction letter.  

Consult the State Voter Information Directory on this website for ballot delivery options. Assume that even if you fax or email a scanned FWAB, you will have to post the original in order for it to be a valid, counted ballot.

For November General Elections, OVF and FedEx Express offer a special ballot return program called: Express Your Vote. The program runs starting mid September. During that time, you may visit: for more information. Voters in approximately 95 countries will be offered free or highly discounted services for ballot return. Ballot delivery is automatically confirmed.

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