Voter Help Desk
State of Ohio
How do I request a ballot?

Simply fill out a ballot request form by clicking on the "Register to Vote - Request Your Ballot" menu option on our website.

This same Voter Registration / Absentee Ballot Request form works simultaneously for overseas voters and uniformed services voters to accomplish any of the following:

1. Voter registration
2. Absentee ballot request
3. Address change
4. Confirmation of your current address for your election official

To generate the Voter Registration / Absentee Ballot Request form, just click on "Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot Request" on our website and follow the steps provided.

Please note that you will have to download and print out the form at the end, sign it, and submit it to your local election official by postal mail. You can find other options by state in the State Voting Information directory, Voter Materials Transmission Options.

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