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State of Ohio
How can I find out if my registration was accepted and if I am on the electoral rolls?

It is highly advised that you confirm that you are on the electoral rolls well before you expect your absentee ballot to arrive.

You can go to the Election Official Directory on our website and look up your state and voting region. All contact information for your local election office will appear for you. More and more election offices are listing a "Local Overseas Voter Contact." If there is a contact person in that position, start with him/her. You will also see a Local Election Official contact.

When you contact your election official to request confirmation that you are registered to vote and will be sent an absentee ballot, please be prepared to provide the following:

- Name under which you registered
- The voting residence address that you provided on your application
- Your birth date (use just the year if you are sending the request through email)
- ONLY* the last 4 digits of your social security number

* Note: never email your complete 9-digit social security number due to the risk of identity theft!

Please note that some states have online registration database lookups on their state election websites. The website also provides an online listing for all states and counties that offer this service.

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