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What is the "Special Write-in Absentee Ballot" and can I use it?

Some states will provide a "Special Write-in Absentee Ballot" upon your special request. This is a blank write-in ballot sent well in advance of the General Election, if special conditions apply.

If you believe that you will be unable to vote and return a regular absentee ballot (due to military service, living in a remote area, or other contingencies) by normal mail delivery within the period provided for regular absentee ballots, then you can add a written request (on the Addendum page that will print when you use the voter registration service) to request this special advance ballot.

Keep in mind, this special ballot is blank and is sent far in advance of the election -- up to 90 days ahead in some states. It is for voters who are in remote or hostile areas, or who cannot count on normal mail delivery times.

To contact your local election official to confirm if you can request a Special Write-in Ballot Option, please look them up in the Election Official Directory on this website.

If you request a Special Write-in Ballot, you should state the reason for your request and write in the following note on your registration/ballot request form or addendum page:

Special Write-in Absentee Ballot Request
Due to military or other contingencies, or due to living in isolated or extremely remote areas of the world that preclude normal mail delivery, I cannot vote an absentee ballot during the normal voting period. I request a special write-in absentee ballot.

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