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How do I fill in the FWAB?

The FWAB provided to you through our website is a Vote-Print-Mail Ballot System.  It presents you with federal level candidate lists associated with your election jurisdiction.

With the FWAB, you cast your vote by candidate or by party. You will be able to point, click and choose your candidates, or choose to leave the ballot blank so that you can write in your candidate choice or the political party.

The FWAB cover sheet is nearly identical to the Voter Registration/Ballot Request form, however it is titled Voter's Declaration/Affirmation - Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot. The OVF system assists you to complete the cover sheet properly, per your state requirements, and provides you with complete instructions. 

If you have a Voter Account, you can simply log in and choose to download a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot.  The system will start the new program and pull your already entered data in for you to confirm step-by-step, saving you time on data re-entry. You will be presented with the candidate choice screen.

After completing the data entry, you must Download, Print, Sign and Send in the FWAB to the address provided in the instruction letter. READ the letter.

See associated question: "Are there mailing requiremens for the FWAB?"

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