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State of New York
If I want to vote in the primaries, do I need to indicate my party affiliation when I register to vote and request my ballot?

Yes, most states request that you indicate your party affiliation in order to vote in primary elections. There are some exceptions. When you register to vote using our online voter services, you will be automatically informed of your state requirements.

Not all states hold primary elections by party, but most states that do will ask that you indicate your party affiliation on your Voter Registration/Ballot Request form. For example: Democrat, Republican, American Independent, Green, Libertarian, Natural Law or Peace and Freedom, etc.

If you have not chosen a party or do not wish to declare your party, please enter an appropriate note such as "decline to state," or "none, or "nonpartisan", or "undeclared" on your form. The voter registration system will tell you which note to add in accordance with your state requirements.

Most Secretary of State websites provide further information about which parties are allowing non-affiliated voters to participate in their primary election.

Please note: You do not need to declare your party affiliation if you only plan to vote in the November presidential general election and not the primary election.

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