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What are Ohio's registration and ballot request deadlines?

The Ohio State-Specific Voter Information Directory provides deadline information by voter type. Just click the option on the left menu listing and you can access the state-by-state deadline lists for the 2010 elections.

Note, deadlines vary! Differences are found between deadlines for new registrations versus "ballot requests" for already registered voters. If you are already a registered voter in Ohio and only need to request a ballot, your deadline may be extended. You will use the same exact form for these different functions.


Uniformed service members, their families and dependents may also have extended deadlines.


Ohio encourages all voters, regardless of type or registration status to send forms in as early as possible before the election. Even 45 days is tight for your election official time to process your request and send your ballot, then for you to receive it, vote and mail it back. It also doesn't leave time for any error to be corrected.

Don't forget the processing time. Do the best you can to send in your registration/ballot request form early!


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