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What do I do about voter registration if I was overseas and am now back in the U.S.?

If you registered to vote while overseas and have now returned to the U.S., you need to do two important things:

(1)  Inform your election office where you registered while overseas of your change from an overseas voter to a domestic voter. If you don't and they continue to send your ballots overseas, you may not be able to vote locally. If you did not return to the same election jurisdiction where you were registered while overseas, you still need to contact that office to request that you are taken off the active voter rolls. Do not forget, as you do not want to be registered in two places at once!

To contact your election office, please look up their contact details in the Election Official Directory on our website and contact your election official directly.

(2)  At the same time you will want to register at your new U.S. location as a domestic voter. This can be done through our nonpartisan and nonprofit affiliate organization U.S. Vote Foundation, at the following website:



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