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My Voter Account has been changed or lost - what happened?

Your Voter Account Identifier is your email address.  If you go into your own Voter Account and change your data, it is associated with your account identifier. Changing your account profile data does not duplicate and create a new account, it simply updates your profile.

Each person with a Voter Account needs to use their own email address in association his/her own account data.  Each person should register starting at the beginning of the registration process and save their data in the account as instructed. Please do not skip steps give any one access to your account or try to speed the registration form generation process with a family member, just to avoid entering your common address data.

If you go into your own Voter Account and change the email address, your previous Voter Account Email Identifier will be changed to the new email address.  Here is an example:  Sarah Smith registers to vote and saves her data with the email address of  Then her husband wants to register to vote so she mistakenly goes into her own Voter Account and chooses to reprint, then changes the data to her husband's data and the email to his email  The system will tell her that she now only has the account at and the account at no longer exists.  That is because she changed the email identifier to a new email address.

Remember: one Voter Account per email address per voter. New registrants should always start from the beginning of the registration process.

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