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When I press "Download Form for Printing," the program goes back to the beginning.

A) Did you leave your computer during, or at the end of, the Registration or Balloting processes for more than 5 minutes before clicking the "Download Form for Printing" button? If you did, then the system timed out.  

This is for security purposes. Because you are entering confidential information, we delete it and close the session automatically if you leave it sitting for too long. This is a necessary inconvenience.

You will have to start again and go to the end without leaving your session for more than the 5 minute window.

B) Did nothing happen when you hit the "Download Form for Printing"?   It is possible that the form was downloaded and stored on your computer and you just need to locate it.   We recommend that you check your downloads folder and do a file search for a document that would have your state's abbreviation in the first 2 letters of the file name.


NJ-Voter-Registration_Absentee-Ballot-Request(FPCA)-2016.pdf (except with your state's abbreviation leading the file name).

If you search for the file, perhaps you will find that the document already downloaded to your computer. 

C)  If you still cannot get through to the final screen and successfully download your form, and especially if you receive an error message, please submit a question to the Voter Help Desk. When submitting your problem, please be sure to indicate the following information:

  • The type of computer and browser you are using
  • What state in the U.S. are you trying to register
  • If you get an error message, please tell us exactly what the error message says
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