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I keep getting an error message.

If you receive an error message, we want to know about it and help out - please submit the information below in the question submission, or if your help desk does not take questions, please send an email to

When submitting your report, please be sure to indicate the following information:

  • The type of computer and browser you are using
  • Identify which U.S. state you chose (in the regisration, ballot or directory service you were using)
  • Please include your telephone number and country / time zone
  • If you get an error message, please tell us exactly what the error message says
  • Provide as much information about what happened as you are able to
  • If you can attach a screen shot to your report, that would be helpful

Thank you so much for making any report! It helps us immensely to hear about any issues as soon as possible.

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