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What date should I register by if I want to vote this year?

Voters should register as soon as they can! We recommend that you try to get your form filed well in advance of the election date. Try your best to register at least 90 days before the election. 

Most filing deadlines are 30 days prior to the election. However, please allow extra time to get your application processed and your ballot sent over to you. Essentially, leave enough time for the "snail mail" process and allow time to confirm that you are on the electoral rolls. Depending on the country you are in, the mail times can vary dramatically.

Many states now allow fax and email options for registration and ballot requests. However, note that unless you have an active registration and original signature on file with your local election officials those methods require that you follow with a posted form in regular mail. If your signature is not on file in your state, your application won't be accepted. This is why we suggest that you simply print and mail the form in plenty of time and avoid any complications.

Notes on Internet Security and Transfer of Confidential Documents:

The open Internet is not secure. Private email is not secure. Messages and attachments can be imperceptibly accessed. PDF files are not secure documents unless they go through a secure transfer system. If you use an unsecured standard email to send your personal identity documents, the information is not secured.

Don't let your personal identity get stolen by sending an emailed attachment through your own regular email. Unless your election office offers a secure (encrypted or password protected) manner of transmitting your application, we highly suggest that you rely on regular post. Keep in mind, your entire identity is on the Voter Registration/Ballot Request form and should be kept secure.



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