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What kind of identification (ID) do I need to register to vote?

States vary in their voter registration identification requirements. The required identification is automatically requested through our online Voter Registration/Ballot Request process.

Most states provide two options and most commonly those are 1) the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN); 2) a valid state driver's license. Many states will also assign you an ID for voting purposes.

There are some exceptions, for example, some states may ask for your complete 9-digit SSN. These exceptions will be set forth in the registration process for your state. Nearly all states indicated that if you do not have the requested identification that you should simply indicate "none" and that they will supply you with a number for voting purposes.

If you do not have a SSN and would like to apply for one, or if you do not remember yours, contact the Social Security Administration today. The forms and information are available through this link:

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