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Can I vote in my state's primary if I'm registered as an Independent, Green, Libertarian, or other Third Party?

In many states Greens, Libertarians, and other third parties conduct primaries to nominate their candidates.

Some states' party primaries allow participation from registered Independents, or members of other parties. If you are a registered Independent and would like to vote in a party primary please indicate that party on your voter registration form.

Most Secretary of State websites provide further information about which parties allow non-affiliated voters to participate in their primary election, as well as which parties are conducting primaries. You can find your state’s website by going to the State Voting Requirements page and inputting your state. Then, click the tab “State Lookup Tools”, and you will see a link for your state’s elections website. 

Please note: You do not need to declare your party affiliation if you only plan to vote in the November general election and not the primary election.



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