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I didn't print my form. Can you mail it to me?

Unfortunately we cannot mail your form to you. For security purposes the forms are only generated on demand when a specific voter requests it after his/her own registration session or through his/her own private, secured Voter Account. We cannot print your form for you, and thus cannot mail it. 

However, you can use the system on our website to generate your Voter Registration/Ballot Request form - or to re-generate it as necessary. Go to the Register to Vote / Absentee Ballot page to start your registration and/or ballot request process. 

Did you save your data in a Voter Account when previously going through the Register to Vote process? If so, you can login to your Voter Account and reprint your form very quickly - just re-enter your ID and date of birth, and proceed to the end to download and print your form.

If you've gone through the Register to Vote process and didn't download the form or save it in a Voter Account, then you'll simply have to redo the process. Take special care to click the "Download Form for Printing" button and consider whether you would like to create a Voter Account for easier access in the future -- both options will be presented to you during the session. 

Note that you do not need a Voter Account to use any of the forms, information, or other tools available on our website. 



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