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Can I sign the registration form online?

Unfortunately, you cannot sign the form online. You can generate a completed Voter Registration/Ballot Request form by visiting the Register to Vote / Absentee Ballot page on our website, but you still have to download, print, and sign the completed and printed form.

Your original signature is needed on file by the election official. Most states require that you send the original hard copy, paper application in addition to any fax or email that you might send. To ensure that there are no problems with your registration or ballot request, we suggest that you assume this is the case for your state as well. 

Sending the form by fax or email to your election official, ahead of mailing it, can be a good method to speed up your registration request, but if you don't send your original signed form by postal mail as well, then your application (in most cases) will not be accepted. You can view the full list of voter materials transmission options for your state by visiting the State Voting Requirements page on our website. Once there, input your state and click on the “Voter Materials Transmission Options” tab.

The mailing address for mailing your Voter Registration/Ballot Request form will be provided in a personalized instruction letter to you, which is printed out with your completed form.

Notes on Internet Security and Transfer of Confidential Documents:

The open Internet is not secure. Private email is not secure. Messages and attachments can be imperceptibly accessed. PDF files are not secure documents unless they go through a secure transfer system. If you use an unsecured standard email to send your personal identity documents, the information is not secured.

Don't let your personal identity get stolen by sending an emailed attachment through your own regular email. Unless your election office offers a secure (encrypted or password protected) manner of transmitting your application, we highly suggest that you rely on regular post. Keep in mind, your entire identity is on the Voter Registration/Ballot Request form and should be kept secure.



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