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Are there any mailing requirements for the FWAB?

Mail your Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB) early from your local post office. It must have a non-US postmark. The postmark must show the mailing date was on or before Election Day. Double check that it is addressed with "USA" on the election office address - sometimes the pre-printed ballot return envelopes are missing "USA".

Uniformed Services Members: the Military Postal Service provides free USPS Express Mail ballot return from every military installation. This is a safe and efficient ballot return program for all uniformed service members.

Do not rely on the US Embassy or Consulate to send your ballot back in time. They are not a mailing organization. There may be some assistance through American Citizen Services, however, it varies depending on which country you are in. The best is for you to send your FWAB from a post office if you are sure you have enough time for mail delivery. Do not give your FWAB to someone who is travelling back to the US to put in the US post. It will not be accepted without an overseas postmark. 

Other ballot return options are listed by state in the State Voting Requirements page on our website, under the "Voter Materials Transmission Options" tab.



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